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10 Sep 4 Comments

Mithila Makhaan – Idea

The initial idea of Mithila Makhaan came to me when I was working with an NGO during the Kosi floodings of 2008, I realised that Bihar need people who can come back and work. So, the story which was formed during that time was about this guy who works abroad and comes back to his village in Mithila and do something. Guess what, I was planning to shoot a portion of my MAITHILI film in Toronto. Yes, Maithili Film in Toronto and also in NY. smile emoticon Some people could not believe their ears. Why a Maithili film in Toronto, they asked ?? I said because story demands and when Shahrukh can dance on the streets of NY, My Maithili hero can certainly walk on the streets of Toronto smile emoticon. Isnt it ?? Here are some of the pics from the Toronto Shoot. Thanks to Justin J Chambers Rajiv Nayan Sumita Sinha Kanika Nayan Devesh Shankar Anubha Jha Shankar Amindra Mahto and many others who helped us achieve this. Promo releasing on 1st January.

4 Coments

  • Rahul jha February 22, 2016

    When the movie is going to release…..and how can i watch it

  • Prabal Das March 28, 2016

    Dear sir,

    Many many thanks for making movie in Maithili. And now, as it has created history by bagging the National Award, we maithil are indebted to you. Please keep on going like this. All the best!

    P.S. – Please hire somebody for your blog who can write English without committing mistakes ..

  • vikram mishra April 28, 2016

    I m not getting the releasing date of mithila makhaan, I m very excited to watch this movie of my native language and culture (maithili).
    please tell me the releasing date and how can I get this movie.

  • Jayant Nath Vatsa May 31, 2016

    I am glad to know about the making of this film. Recently I have watched the film trailer and it is just amazing. It bounded me and I was feeling helpless at the moment, I was thinking about the hero, I was thinking about the film whole night. I have never seen such type of trailer of any maithili film before. I was not expecting this from a maithili movie. It is not because I don’t have faith in my mother tongue but why will a producer or director will make such a big budget film in maithili which includes little viewers with small area? But after watching the trailer I am pretty sure this film will be a block buster and I will admire the efforts of the director, producers and actors who made this film possible and effective. I will also suggest that maithili movie have their own limitations over a particular area of bihar so it should be dubbed in bhojpuri and Hindi with english subtitles. This will not only increase the number of viewers but will also inspire the minds to think for their mother land and people’s who are in need of them. It will also be profitable for the makers as well. I heard songs of this movie and literally it touched my heart
    Although I have requested for the music launch of this movie on its facebook page but again I will request to launch the songs. I am eager to listen to those beautiful compositions. I also want to see the movie in theatres soon. Best regards!


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